Tangerines and Cancer

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It's easy to do, right? Let's give you one more, ready for the surprise? Yes. Again, to the product are tangerines and [xx]. I love them. You do? Love them. I love them too. We don't think about them, depending on what season it is, you can usually find one or the other, but what I love the most about them is that they actually help us prevent esophageal cancer.

How does tangerines and clementines help to prevent esophageal cancer? Alright, basically the reason people like it, because they are sweet, juicy like oranges, but a little bit more intense, and the active cancer fighter has hesperidin and neurogenin, and get this there is a study of 4,090 people found that actually drinking freshly squeezed juice of citrus like tangerines lower the risk of esophageal cancer by 42%.

So actually recommend people drink two glasses of fresh squeezed citrus a day. Amazing. Amazing. Are you able to process the numbers? I mean these are studies on thousands and thousands of people which percentages have changed, they're 40%, 50%, 60%. We don't even have drugs that get close to that.

[xx] have study this well often times. That's right. So enjoy them both. Thank you so much.