Seafood and Cancer

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When we find Trina and Trina got to go down the aisle, I'm looking for seafood options and again, we've talked a little bit out proteins but this is good time to spend discussion what you would have picked that in seafood area? I would have picked that shrimp because I eat a lot of that but I went with these salmon.

You went with the salmon. My husband cooks that a lot and it's delicious. You know what if you love the taste that's always a huge step forward and that's also my catch invention list but the seafood that I picked, and then there's some of these great and anti-inflammatory has all the benefits that we talked about on the show but it also prevents the cancer.

I've got a much lesser expensive option that we never thought of quit. Oh my God. Also called cola myth. >>I eat but I eat it fried.Eat it fried? Yes. As an appetizer. You're doing so well until that. The big left out, sorry. No, it's squad, Squad something I you would in your house I just don't want to fry we will talk about that in a second but this great article calmary which you can get grown, baked in 15 other [xx] is super important because it helps prevent cancer, Again the cancer of so many of us fear, I have talked abou ready couple of time because I'm an ellipsoid all the time, so why is it just an important tool there? It turn out that squeak contains cancer fatty acids the same healthy fiber is good for our heart.

In a study of about 35, 000 women showed that just eating three ounces of a seafood like squid will reduce the risk of breast cancer yes by 26% those three ounces is about half the size of your palm not very much.