Produce Aisle and Cancer

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Stephanie is next, how are you Stephanie?Hi, good morning Dr. Oz. Hi. So we were going through looking for these powerhouse cancer prevention tips, and you actually went down the produce aisle. Yes, I did.What did you pick out for us? I was going all over thinking about brussel sprouts, thinking about sweet potatoes, and I just decided to pick blueberries.

Blueberries? Blueberries, yeah. They're a superb choice, they're also on my list, and I call them super foods for a reason. They've reduced cancers of everything from the mouth to the colon, that whole pathway the food has to go blueberries are helping, but I'm going to surprise you with some cancer fighting tools today because the super cheap cancer fighting produce I want you to think about next is bananas.

Wow! Remember I promised they'd be inexpensive, they'd be easy to find, and everyone would know about them, and you'd like them, you just didn't know how good they were for you. Bananas are a hugely important. The cancer they seem to help us with is breast cancer, they help prevent breast cancer.

So Dr. Li, why are they so valuable? So, bananas contain cancer fighters that actually are catechins and delphinidin, and they're also a good source of A and C, and a study of 986 women showed that eating a diet rich in bananas lowered the risk of breast cancer by 40%. So, I actually recommend that women eat half a banana a day.