Olive Oil

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[INAUDIBLE] every ketchup fighting dish begins with extra virgin olive oil, but here is a secret folks, you got to use oil that comes from super olives so describe what super olives are and how can we tell? We used to think that all olives are the same. But now we know that there are in fact super olives and there re three of them.

There's one called Picual which is an oil from Spain another one called Moraiolo which is the oil from Italy and a third one is called Koroneiki which is from Greece and oil from these three olives contain some of the highest concentrations of cancer fighting polyphenols. And you can tell just from their color, you can tell it from their taste, and in general, the stronger for the taste the higher the concentrates of the polyphenols.

So the question is how do you actually find this? Is when you go to the supermarket or your special food store for your olive oil pick up the bottle, look at the label and ask yourself, what kind of olives were used to make this oil, that's how you find the best ones. Okay and there is one other tool, doctors say is essential and that is how you store your olive oil.

It's the fact that you need a dark colored bottle. So why is it important to get of these darker bottles? So olive oil is very sensitive to light, and light let's you degrade the olive oil, including those cancer fighters. You want to keep them stored in a cool dark place.