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So you have all lists of cancer fighting foods in the grocery store, now let's use them to make a cancer fighting dish. We also have the essential cancer fighting tools, you've got to have in your kitchen, leading researcher in cancer Dr. William Lee is back with us, the first tool that you absolutely have to have is a stainless steel solstein pen.

But why is it so essential in fighting off cancer? A stainless steel solstein pan is actually used for solstein which is so much a better healthier way to cook in deep frying or grilling. The thing that I really like the best about stainless steel is that it usually heats quickly, cook first so you can actually seal in those cancer fighters in your food.

And remember I can't just talk solstein food in which stainless steel cost you about 40 bucks which is a very, very wise investment, and next cancer beating tools is called a Zesta which you guys have heard but shows what it looks like, so pull it down, why is it so important? Right, so while Zesta is actually used to scrape the skin of a citrus fruit like a lemon or an orange and it turns out that skin or the rime that contains high concentrations of cancer fighters and it's also a great way to add flavor to food, and if you're worried about pesticides just.

Okay, yeah very smart again easy to do and get some of those catch-up pipe tools into you, you get a zesta provide $10. So I've gotten you up to 50 bucks so far, so not much to spend to beat off cancer, these are tools you can your kitchen day in and day out.