How Much Garlic Is Useful for Cancer Prevention?

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And so the approach to garlic is actually to use it in quantities that are appropriate for the food that you want to eat. Garlic is so versatile, you can actually serpet, you can actually pickle it, you can actually cut it up and use it as a flavor enhancer in different foods. And garlic actually contains a number of different cancer fighters, but one them that's important to think about is called ALLEN which actually is anti antigenic which means it directly starves cancer by cutting up it's blood supply.

Without a blood supply cancer can't grow, so garlic is actually food you can eat that starves cancer. Now one of the things about garlic is you do want to be careful about how much you actually put in your food and put in your body for that matter, not only because garlic is strong and you could actually create a wall, a social wall around you by having too much garlic.

But, high high amounts of garlic also can induce kidney failure, so garlic is one of the foods that you want to have enough that you can actually eat, but not so much that it keeps people away or can be bad for your kidneys.