How Can Antioxidants Prevent Cancer?

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Antioxidants are probably the most important part of the foods that we're eating. Here's why, in normal body metabolism certain malicious chemicals are formed, they're called free radicals. They're in your bloodstream, and they're like factory exhaust, they're ready to erode you.

They get inside the cells, they damage DNA that's the first step in cancer, but antioxidants knock them out. What are antioxidants? They're in citrus fruits like vitamin C they're in sweet potatoes and carrots, that orange color is beta-carotene, a bright red tomato has lycopene you don't have to remember these words they won't be on a test but you do have to remember is eat your citrus fruits, eat the orange vegetables carrots, sweet potatoes, don't forget the tomatoes they got that lycopene in them you put them together you're going to get the antioxidants they knock out the free radicals, they protect you against cancer.