Frozen Food and Cancer

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Nicole actually went down to Frozen Food Island and what did you pick there? I picked frozen broccoli. Why broccoli? Well, broccoli has a lot of fiber and it is green its colorful and could be healthy for you. >>Yes very good we have the smartest audience out there Australia but I wanted to surprise you.

I have an absolutely wonderful cancer fighter thats not one you might have expected, but it will help prevent a very bad cancer, it's frozen squash and the cancer that it helps us with is non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Lymphomas remember are cancers of our lymph system, and these tumors develop in the body's lymph nodes and they spread out and because we have ripped those all over our body is very difficult for us to get ahead of them, such as cut them out we have to get pretty post medication.

So Dr. Lee why is frozen squash so valuable in this setting? Right, so squash cancer has two cancer fighters Leukaemia lutin and ziazenten and studies have 45000 women have shown that eating one cup of cooked squash twice a week reduces the risk of Hodgkin's lymphoma are 28%.

Really? So, what are the best ways to use frozen squash? Oh, it's very easy. All you have to do is heat it up and serve it as a side dish with any meal. That's it? That's it. Very simple, you can also make it in the soup. Soup yes for squash soup it's wonderful do they make a difference whether frozen or fresh? No, actually in frozen that's where they get advantage which is you can get all year round.

>>This is a good point to remember. You can always tap into the cancer fighting powers of seasonal produce just by buying the frozen version of it. Because it maintains the nutrient benefit. What about sweet potatoes? They are similar to squash, right? Yes they are. Please take it away those are actually great and also contain cancer fighters.

And the key thing to remember is that the choice is up to us. When we got you going into the grocery store, it's not a doctor running a prescription. It's us making our own choices.