Dairy Foods and Cancer

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Norian who is Deriaro, how are yo Norian, thank you for going shopping for me. You are welcome. So, what did you choose when you were in Deriaro[sp?]? I chose pregoga[sp?], pregoga[sp?]? Yeah. You are optimistic about your choice? I'm. I like it, I enjoy it. I love pregoga[sp?] too its very smarter as a choice however you are pretty little ahead of the curve because now begin to investigate how, for example, prebiotics which are found in pregoga could be helpful in preventing colon cancer.

So, I'm going to show you something that I have never talked about on the show before but you're going to love this very practical, this is a great cancer fighter. It is cheese. Really? Shocking isn't it? Wow! The cancer fighter in the dairy aisle happens to be specific kinds of cheese, Jarlsberg cheese in particular I'm going to focus on, have you ever tried that? I love it.

You like it? I love it. Oh! good, a lot of folks haven't had it you ought to get it, check it out, lots of good information behind it, and the cancer that Jalsberg cheese seems to prevent is lung cancer, then here what I want try this cancer is number one cancer killer for men and women, and it doesn't just affect smokers.

20% of women who get lung cancer have never smoked a day in their life. Always remember that because the first question you always think yourself they did it by smoking, not the case for women with lung cancer, that can only physics explain the benefits of a yellow burgs cheese.

Yellow burgs is a delicious cheese but it tastes a little bit like swiss cheese as you know. It has got kind of a buttery flavor but the active cancer fighter that is actually a special form of vitamin K, called vitamin K [XX]. It's actually produced by the bacteria that's used to make the cheese, and here is the thing.

A study of 11,000 people in Europe found that eating two slices of hard cheese like the Jarlsberg lower the risk of developing lung cancer by 62%. Really? Big deal. Love it, thank you Bell. I like to great you over check feels, really.