Can Lack of Calcium Lead to Cancer?

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The hidden risk for colon cancer. Where is Mary? Mary, come on up here. How are you Mary? Mary stand here if you don't mind [xx]. Okay. So, do you take any supplements? I don't. You don't? No. Alright, So let us talk a little bit about something that might be of interest to you because, behind this story, number two, is the hidden risk for calling cancer and women over 40 go ahead open it up.

It's calcium deficits, calcium deficiency is found in a lot of people but fewer than 15% of women, over age 40 get enough calcium in their diet, luckily peace have everybody understand the role of calcium especially in some cancers in this case called cancer. So, calcium actually binds carcinogens in the colon in effect it helps excrete the toxins outside our body rather than leaving them there in the colon to dwell and cause cancer and other problems as well.

So let me explain something to you, let's be clear about this, we all have cancer right now, we all have cancer also in our bodies, it could become big problems, but our immune cells are smart, like they find those cancer cells and seek them out and they kill them. So we demonstrate a good example what it may look like, so let's say I have given you a balloon, go and bother up, now we got to blow balloons? It's pretty good, isn't? Yeah.

Alright, now hold that a little bit, so this a cancer cell and I'm the immune system right, it poxs those cells before they can get too large, now what happens I you don't get enough calcium if you don't getting the calcium in salt because the dual order control and they salvage a point when they get big enough there is no turning back, and then the immune system, right, now it's going to have its pocket way trough here and then has more difficulty, and as I push this through here we are going to find that may be the immune system doen't it as well, and watch that magic but now the immune system although can attack the cell has trouble killing it because it doesn't have enough calcium, so what's the calcium recommendation, 600 milligrams a day, I like to give it to you with magnesium.

So 400 milligrams of magnesium along with vitamin D, another very important immune system enhancer, and if we do that we can empower our immune system to go after these cancer cells today, thank you very very much. No, thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you.