Can Gum Disease Lead to Cancer?

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[APPLAUSE] Next, is there any risk for head and neck cancer? Cynthia is with us, welcome Cynthia, thanks for joining us. How are you? All right now Cynthia, Open door number three you are going to find the hidden risk for head and that miller 40, it's damaged and advanced gum disease.

It's a big issue for us. Specifically periodontitis which is an infection and inflammation of tissues around, they jogged around the teeth, that support our teeth. So I want to show something that is going to be shocking to you, this is what happens when you have periodontitis so go ahead and put this gloves on, at the leak go ahead.

Unfortunately a lot of folks don't know what really it feels like. What you will find shockingly, is something look like this. Now go ahead and feel this areas, you see how they are wasted there? You lost a lot of bone actually what is it about periodontal disease that forces you to floss every day? Well for women over 40, the increase in the risk of periodontitis actually increases because of low oestrogen particularly after menopause and here is how it works, when you've got periodontitis, it makes it a lot easier for viruses and bacterias to get into the soft tissues of our head and neck, and it's that infection and inflammation that sets the stage for cells to go a ride and turn into cancers.

In fact if you look at people who have Periodontitis you look at their saliva what we find is a protein called VEGF that actually grows blood vessels that feed cancer cells. Can you imagine that? No. It's just that it's shocking you can imagine if your walking around life looking this with jaw that just had two or three left in there, these are all nice places for bacteria to grow because your teeth aren't there to protect the bone and yet lot's of bone is typical of that, that's why it's so important to brush everyday.

Clear? I brush, You brush, I'm just going to do that [LAUGH] Very good, brush and floss thank you very much.