Can Eating Certain Hard Cheeses Help Prevent Cancer?

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So it might be surprising to people that cheeses can actually prevent cancer, but it's actually true. Hard cheeses not soft cheeses, and the reason is you need to use a bacteria to create cheese, and one of the side effects or byproducts of the bacteria used for hard cheese generates a cancer fighter called vitamin K2 or menaquinone.

So when you eat actually a hard cheese, and these hard cheeses are typically the ones that you find in northern Europe, so Jarlsberg, Gouda, Swiss Cheese the technical name is Emmentaler but there are others as well, you're actually eating these cancer fighting substances. How much do you have to have? Well actually not that much.

Studies have shown that you only need to eat as little as two slices of cheese a day to get the benefit of lowering your risk of lung cancer by 62%.