Can Diabetes Lead to Cancer?

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Let's get started with the hidden risk for pancreatic cancer, this one is shocking it's behind door number one. For many physicians this is actually the most feared cancer because if you have it it's really hard for us to find it, and there's very little we can often do about it once we do find it so the prevention here is absolutely essential.

Beverly please join me, Beverly okay go ahead and open it up, it's Diabetes. It's diabetes, think about that. 80 million people are diabetic or pre-diabetic and diabetes is a shocking risk factor that only now it's being identified with pancreatic cancer. Now why is that, what's the link? So, the type of diabetes that increases the risk for pancreatic cancer is called type two diabetes and in this kind of diabetes we do have high blood sugars where insulin's also high because our body's tissue aren't able to respond normally to insulin.

This is one of the most exciting things that I've heard all year long that it can dramatically change the national history. But I want to show you why, this is important in this animation. Come up a little closer so that I can curdle with you. So this is an animation of what happens inside your belly when you digest food, food goes to way deep inside you see this organ hidden back there, that's the pancreas.

So if any thing happens their it's a bad bad problem, you don't pain, you don't get symptoms. Now let's pretend you had a very small area here of something bad happening, you're not sure what it is. This pancreatic land here, they'll deliver the gall bladder coming through here and this tumor here, this small little thing could change based on whether you have diabetes.

Let's play this forward, here's what happens. As there are materials coming out, these cancer cells begins to grow and what's going on in there? You got insulin in green attaching to these cells and as it is attached to these cells, it begins to wake up the cell and it allows the cell to get sugar into it sugar makes it grow faster, which is what cancer wants more than anything else.

These cancers don't begin to grow, they're already social pathic, fighting with everybody around them, they rapidly begin to expand in size and insulin stimulating the growth, and they then grow new blood vessels into them and it all begins to fall apart, because inside the pancreas this thing blocks off the docks which causes your liver and the pancreas to get sick and what happens then? The liver turns a different color, turns greenish and yellowish and then you get jaundice in your eyes.

Should the color change, this is the first thing that we notice often times the people with pancreatic cancer they get jaundice and they don't have any pain. So all of a sudden someone walks up to them and says I see yellow. I've heard this too many times and we believe that this clue could be life saving for many many reasons.

Now, diabetes increases the risks for other cancers as well, like liver cancer, blood cancer not surprising because the same way it grows back, it'll grow to the other tissues in you life. Beverly thank you very much.