What's the Best Way to Eat Tomatoes to Get the Most Lycopene?

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Lycopenes are a monster antioxidant and of all the plants on planet earth, the plant with the greatest amount lycopene is the tomato. A lot of people are concerned when they prepare their tomatoes because they are concerned that if they cook them that the healthy properties will be cooked out, but in fact when you prepare your tomatoes in a sauce or if you heat them in some way what happens is that those lycopenes become even more bio available up to 150% more bio available when you cook them.

So if your're making you pasta sauce if you're making any type of tomato based product where you heat it, you are actually making those lycopenes more available to your body. And while you are in the grocery store, if you happen to see San Marzano tomatoes, you got to try these things men, because they are grown in southern Italy with this volcanic soil that does a couple of things that are really interesting to the tomatoes.

Number one, it lowers the acidity, meaning that the tomatoes are more sweet, the skins are thinner, they're easier to eat, and there are data suggesting that it's got even more of those healthy lycopenes in them. So, when you can choose, try this one because it's going to taste better and you'll be more likely to eat all those wonderful cancer fighting foods because of it.