What Are the Health Benefits of Collard Greens?

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Health benefits of Collard Greens are numerous. Number one is part of the cruciferous family which includes cancer-fighting heavyweights like brocholi and cabbage you should be having these daily. But Collards are really interesting because they do a couple of things. If you happen to have a cancer cells brewing in your body, what collards can do is initiate a process that can lead to cancer cells suicide, and cancer cells suicide my friend is something that you want.

The second thing that happens, is that, the tumors when they grow in your body they need to have nutrients. They need to have blood supply and what Collards can do is interrupt the process where your body sends nutrients to the tumor. So what happens functionally, is that when you're eating collards you're starving the tumor of nutrients and that is a starvation diet I can live with.