Wendy Batts - Lunges

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Hi guys, I've been getting a lot of questions on the proper way to do a lunge. There's a lot of you that have visited my wall saying that [xx] squatting or lunging that you felt a lot of discomfort on your knees or you can't do this because it hurts so I just want to go over some really basic mechanics to see if some of these things you carry over and try it again and see if it's going to work for you, so rather than saying, I can't do it, let's go over some specific things to look for and then at that point, you can go and try them and then if they don't work, and then we can try adding lunges into your program.

And first things first, always watch your [xx] to make sure that your toes and everything are pointed straight ahead. From this point you want to take just a step out not anything that's extreme, like if you start to go too far forward, then what's going to end up happening is a lot of times people start going too far forward, they arch their back, they go straight down and you can see at this point, that it's going to cause a lot of stress not only to my lower back, but also to my back knee.

The thing is, when you properly do a lunge, all of your weight you shifted on to your forward leg. So when you're going down when you think about those toes are already pointing forward, you're going to squeeze in your stomach, put your hands on your hips and if you're going to lean forward and bend down at the same time, you don't have to go down very far, just bend your knees, put all of your weight, so shift your weight forward, front leg and you come up, putting all your weight on to the front leg.

So if you're feeling a lot of pressure in your back knee and you're saying that it's causing more pain, it's basically because you're moving up and down which does cause a lot stress if you have very tiny hip lunges do what we do all day as we sit for the majority of the day, so [xx] very commonly over active.

So once again think about this. When I go down, my knee cap is directly over my second and third step. If I were just to stay in this position, it's almost like saying this part of my leg and my back leg behind my back we make trailer lines. If you can see that, just lift up a little bit, shift all your weight forward, squeeze your booty and you become all aware.

So therefore your working with the front leg, your glued on that same side and then look forward. So try these little tips. Knees over your toes, shift all your weight forward, make sure your toes are turned forward keep your abs in tight and see if that helps.