Wendy Batts - Core

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Hi, I'm Wendy Batts, one of your expert fitness professionals on Sharecare. I'm going to show you some great core exercises to do at home or at the gym and to also perk up those glutes. We all hear that the core exercises are important to include in our work out, but do you really know the reason why? If I asked you where is your core, could you answer? Many people think that the core is your mid section, which isn't necessarily correct.

If you remove your arms and legs, everything that's left is your core. It's extremely important to include core exercises in your workouts because it's where all movement begins and when it's strong it will help keep your spine in a safe position when moving, it also makes this more powerful and aids in decreasing injuries to our lower backs.

There are approximately 29 muscles that make up the core, so let me show you a full bridge that's also a great core exercise that you can do at home or at the gym. This exercise also targets you glutes, so it's a win win. To begin, lay on the floor in a sit up position be sure to keep both feet pointed forward, your knees in line with your hip bones and your belly button drawn in towards your spine.

From there you want to lift your head straight up into the air, until your body makes a straight line. If you feel this exercise in your hand strings or the back of your legs, walk your feet in towards your booty, until it's no longer the case. If you feel stress in your knees, do the opposite and walk your feet out, pose at the top of each rest and then slowly lower yourself back to the ground and then repeat.

Here's some other great core exercises that you can add into your workout. So opposite arm, opposite leg with the reach. Here you want to make sure to draw that belly button in towards your spine, and then try to lift your opposite arm and opposite leg at the same time without arching your back.

Side planes. Make sure that your elbow that is touching the ground stays directly underneath your shoulder. Keep your belly button in tight and lift your hips up from the ground so that your hips make a straight line. And push ups. Depending on your experience level you can do a modified or the more common toe on the floor version and as always belly button in and squeeze that booty tight.

I recommend doing this exercises at least three to five days a week, two to three times for 15 repetitions each. Be sure to do these slowly, control your movement and as always there is no point in working your core if you're not going to have fun with it.