Lose It With Lamb: Week 7

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Hi, I'm Sharecare fitness expert Wendy Batts and we are getting ready to have another awesome workout with Mike Glen today. This program is going to be even more challenging, than what we did last week. So he is formally instructing to get prepared for our big day. The type of equipment that we're using this time around and is going to be a ball.

We're going to use some dumbbells and we're also going to use a small box. So if you're joining us at home, grab whatever you have available and that being said, let's get started. I'm going to have Michael hold onto my ankles and this is just more for support, but what he's going to do is keep his upper knee tight, he's going to bring his knees towards his make, if you are going to croll up and then repeat, it's really trying to work, we're still working a lot on the flexibility of his spine, so erect your hand, you can keep it down and then here we go, so if you are doing this to harmony don't have a weedy then you can use your she can use anything that you can hold on to, just be sure not to use your arms.

Once again, I'm only for support. But I'm going to have my benefit, and he's going to keep his tummy and we're looking for a flat back and we're going to work on the back of the shoulders. So it's kind of a reverse fly, so go ahead and show us, there you go. As Mike comes back, we're really working on trying to squeeze in the shorter place and come forward, so you want to keep this with really light weight if you're using weights at home or soup cans or your [xx] this, start with your own made because it really is challenging and it's really most importantly about your form.

So when we're going to doing it this time, he's going to put his hands ball so go ahead and get into position, but what we're going to do is I'm going to have my partner he comes up, he's going to take his right knee to his left elbow and then back and he's going to go little bit faster paces. So a lot more difficult than it looks, so get yourself good for palms down.

Palms down the ball will help keep them the stress off their wrist, so that's really what we're focused sitting on here, so really try to focus on keeping your back flat for the funny toes, very good. Kind of watch this feet. So really want to focus is you're just tired to see there's going to want to turn out.

So you want to make sure that we really focus on this more, keeping everything nice and straight and keeping it semi [xx]. He's going to stay shoulder with Pat, the big key is he's actually hinging at the hip so he's keeping his back flat, he's going to fully stand up, squeeze his gluts, [xx] claw, look at the camera and very nice, come down, all the way down.

So once again, hands off the hips, so keep your legs straight so it's more of like straight there you go, squeeze, curl, and press. So when hinges of the hips goes down. And you don't want to be going down as far as he can maintain a flat back, so we don't want to have a big foot or arch in his spine, he fully comes up and squeezes through his glutes.

He's going to curl and press. He can certainly bend his knees, we don't you guys you're locking your knees, as slight soft knees, kindly bend when you go down, so hands back so you have to take his arms back hinge squeeze, stop, Karen, and rest. So it's going to be with Clarke, he's going to try to maintain the straight line, so we're really focusing on bringing our heads down a bit more, squeeze your boots, tummy in, and then again, flop.

He is going to just do up and down motion. His fingertips are going to stay pointed forward the entire time, and this minimizes any stress to the wrist. So he's going step out with this right leg. He is going to do the same mechanics that we've done over and over on the lunge mechanics, so when he goes to the side, it's like staying straight both feet upon it forward he meets back in the middle.

Then he's going to do the rotational one which is what we did last week. Do it by leaning forward and then he meets back in the middle and that's half, now you're going to do the exact same thing on the left. So he does a forward lunge a side lunge, keeping your legs totally straight when you come out and then he rotates, it's a lot more challenging when you combine them all together, yes, the big kicker and the one key thing to remember when doing this exercise your feet are always going to be pointed forward you slightly want to lean over and your front legs so therefore your knees goes over your second and third toe, and that when you're doing the rotating one, that you pivot that back leg to reduce any kind of stress or strain to your knee so squat position and jump straight up, squeeze, good.

Excellent, fix those feet too, really focus on your landing keeping those toes straight, excellent. Two more. Very nice. Alright. What's up?

I'm telling you, you get 90 seconds store cover. Okay, then we go again. Again. Nice job.