Lose It With Lamb: Week 5

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Hi, I'm Sharecare's Fitness Expert Wendy Batts, and while Mike is getting warmed up by formally in-stretching, I'm going to introduce his routine a little bit, we're going to do some progression today, from what we did last time so we're going to add in we're walking lunges,we're also going to do some mountain climbers, we started the very first time he did this on the wall.

Today we're going to progress doing them on the ball, so we're still going to do it for the 30 seconds time but you're joining us at home and you don't have a ball, if you did them on the wall with us this time let's progress to a counter top and see how you do. So, the equipment that were going to use, we're doing a lot of just dumbbells and we're going to use a ball for one of the exercises so, if you don't have ball just use, anything at home that you can lay on, to join us in the ball fights that we do, but everything else you should have available so, we're doing two sets of 12 with everything, really watch your posture, keep your tummy and tush in tight and let's get started.

He is going to transition from a push up position down into a plank position. So, extremely important to make sure that he keeps his tummy and tush in very tight, we are really trying to minimize the motion at the hips, so go ahead and come up and then down. I'm going to have Mike do six on one arm and then after that he's going to switch and do six on the other, so we're going to end up doing 12 total, keeping these in really really tight.

You are going to notice that his back foot is actually back to help his balance, but in all reality all of his weight is being distributed on the front leg. So from the second angle, we're making sure that his knees go over his second third toe as always, he's sitting back, so go ahead and get started, good, slightly lean forward, there you go and then as he comes up, he's really coming up and fully extending through his head and squeezing his right cheek, okay, sit down nice and slow and then all the way up.

So keep your weight distributed evenly on your foot, so don't let that heel come up, so sit back a little more, if you're new to this and you haven't done it, I strongly suggest doing the side effects exercising in front of a mirror, because once again we're making sure that the knee stays lined up, with the second and third toe and avoid squeezing up the top each and every time.

So Vick, thing is to make sure when he leans, that he leans as soft as he possibly can making sure that back leg stays back as well. So get in the lunge position, shoulders back, look straight ahead, good and then whenever you're ready, good. Again he's going to squat down making sure that his feet stay straight.

He's going squeeze his stretch at the top, he's going to crawl up, and then he's going to press right over head, and then he's going to come right back down and repeat, so lean just like that in a comfortable pace, and then press, good and when you 12 repetitions, squeeze, then, so once again we're making sure that the toes, knees and heads stay in line, with his shoulders so heads up, good, it's easier to start with both hands up in the air, and I'm going to have him actually do it just like he had it, come, start here.

So remember any time that you're on the ball, to keep this over your chest, so if the ball ever pops it will hit you in the chest and not the face OK? You're going to come down like you're making like going down like that, and you're going, it's like you're hugging a tree. So it's always kind of like a tree huger so you going to come down, really cool extend your arms, make that bend on the elbow when you come up, so up and then fully come out like you're going to hug a tree and then back down, hips up,keep your hips up, tummy in, there's a lot to think about exercise for you chest, as well as your shoulders.

I like these because you can do them at home with very simple stuff. Absolutely. You can use dumbbells, you can use suitcase, Water-jets. Water-jets. See even better, Probably $8.5$8.5 pound's.See. Bring that back knee down, and then come up so actually have it almost touch the carpet and then come up, that's all good, and you're pushing up with these front legs, all of your weight is distributed in the leg that's in front.

So good, OK, then keep going, good. So keep it, lean forward good and push up, excellent. You can use a wall if you want, you can use a trainers leg if you have one of us available, so Mike is going to try to do this on his own, and we're going to do this for 30 seconds, OK? We're good.

So go ahead, good, keep your tummy in tight what we're looking for, is to make sure that the toes stay straight, behind his body, And then his head always stays in front of his hands to protect his shoulders. Keep those tummy in, hold that tummy in tight, good. And relax. Great, now we're going to relax for 90 seconds, and we're going to do it all over again.