Lose It With Lamb: Week 4

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Hi I'm Sharecare fitness expert Wendy Batts, and we are getting ready to have another great workout with Mike Lamb today. These routine consists of doing some more advanced types of exercises than we've done before, we're going to utilize balls and dumbbelsl and even a jump rope, so if you're joining us at home just grab whatever equipment you have available and try to do 2 sets of 12 so follow along with us.

In addition to workout that you can see on camera, Mike has also chosen to do some swimming for his cardio this week, so it's extremely hot here and that's his choice so don't forget to do something that you enjoy as well. So let's get started. So remember for this week core exercise, he's going to keep his stomach in very tight and he's going to squeeze this glutes, keep those feet both apart, so good, bring your hips down a little bit, tummy in tight, and now he's becoming such a pro, he is up on to his toes, he's going down as low as he can, and pressing all the way up through his shoulder blades.

Keep squeezing here, keeping that tummy in really tight. So he's going to stand on, pick a foot, stand on his right foot, we're really focusing with keeping his left leg off of his right, so he's going to keep it up in the air, he's squeezing his stomach and his glutes really tight, he's going to press forward and then bring it all the way down.

All right you got it,three more, three more. So he's going to start and I guess he's looking at a clock like 12 o'clock, and he's going to jump straight up and turn towards 3 so to really try to cradle that landing squeeze and good, thats perfect and then back, good, so push your feet, think about your tummy in tight, think about your landing.

So when Mike Lamb, he's focusing on landing behind the ball of his foot but in front of the arch, he does that and that helps cradle his landing and it's a lot less stress on his spine. Arms stay totally straight, he's going to gab the handle with both sides, he's going to say going to make sure his left leg doesn't move, so stand on your knees going out, there you go and then rotate and look towards me so that your eyes and chest follow each other like the whole time, perfect.

Tummy in very tight, relax your neck, good. This is an excellent exercise for his oblique area so that's what we're really focusing on, keeping the tummy and everything in tight, there you go. We're also working on a little bit of rotation and flexibility as well, so I'm going to have them roll out, we're going to make sure that his feet are up against something stable.

This actually will help him engage his cast, his quads, and his glutes so what we're trying to do is make sure that is in really tight and that will help him keep his balance on the ball in this face down position. Once he's sat there which that looks excellent, your going to grab each dumbbell and a the big goal in a roll is that your arms will stay here, so keep everything in really tight, okay so the arms are straight in front of you and then roll back, excellent.

So the big thing we are looking for which Mike is doing and a wonderful job of is that his head, his spine are completely in align with one another so when you come back really pinch your shoulder blades and then let it go all the way straight. So hand position is whatever is comfortable for you, so Mike loves to have them up and down, some people like to have them out to the side the other way, either way, it's totally your call.

What's really important is that you squeeze those shoulder blades each and every time. When Mike starts I want him to put his hands on his hips for somewhere for them to go, okay? And then he's just going to step forward. When you go down, you want to make sure the kneecap stays over the second and third toe and then push back off of that front leg and then switch sides.

So you're slightly leaning forward bending that back knees as well. There you go and then push back up, good, and then keep going. The importance of having the knee over the second and third toe every time you lunge is because it helps equal out the weight between the ankle, the knee and the hip.

To finish off this circuit, we're going to do some jumping rope, he's going to jump and he's going to do this for 30 seconds. We're going to start there today but by the end of this week he's actually going to work his way up to 60 seconds. Here we go. Excellent job, all right rest for 60 to 90 seconds and then you're doing it all over again.