Lose It With Lamb: Week 10

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Hi, I'm Wendy Batts, your Sharecare fitness expert and we are getting ready to have another awesome workout with Mike today he walked in the door and he is super motivated and really excited he's been giving a tone of feedback about what his students have been saying and how they've seen quite the change plus he's even telling me how he's having to buy belts almost monthly because he can't hold his pants up, he has to keep putting holes in them so we're really, really excited because each notch is another notch closer to his goal, so his program today is just going to be a lot on really working on his posture now that he's back in school.

He's starting to get a little tight on the shoulder. So we're going to try to work on his back a little bit. We're only going to use dumbbells so if you're joining us at home just grab your [xx] cans or some dumbbells and let's get started. So now I have Mike get down and tune his starting position so remember when you're doing this keep your elbow directly underneath your shoulder keep your tuchen really tight stomach in tight, keep your feet and hit the shoulder width apart so bring them a little closer, squeeze and then he's going to come up onto his hand and then you kind of walk themselves right back down.

So with he same arm which is perfect he's coming up on his right arm, we need three more with his right, and then he's going to start leading with his left arm to the last six. So we're going to do 12 total. You're going to stand on the same leg and then you're going to act like he's got two glasses of water, so he's going to make a Y with his arms straight.

So you're going to come here and then back. Good. And then repeat. we're going to stand the same line, we're going to do 12 total. You want to keep the weight light if your using weights. Right now, you can just use arm weight if that's easier for you as well. when you are coming back in this one, you really trying to point your shoulder blade, come back up, they come to a T and then really pinch.

Good. These are one of my favorites because he is working so much on his lunges, the gentleman is going to stand up at the same length you getting 12 total, we're going give a lunge position what he is going to do in his position you kind of just jump straight in the air and then in north[sp?] the lunge position.

So it's going to come up and then right back down. Good when you're doing this at home, really focus on keeping your knee in line with your second and the third toe. Your just strapping straight up, keeping your tummy in tight and really try to keep your back flat, your knee over your toe all the time.

When he bends he's hinging up ahead, he's trying to keep his back flat have to bring your shoulders back to me. I mean really tight, so think about this, you're kind of here I want you to make it kind of make it a little flat. actually he's just going to let his arms hug [xx] really tighten then he's focusing on squeezing his shoulders shoulder blades together so just think about your elbows hug their you go hug your chest, comeback, good.

Am really trying to focus on taking your shoulders and pinch them back. So as you can see my chest super tight and then shoulder comes, so what we're trying to do is really get him to open up his shoulders a little bit, so when you're doing this at home try to think about really together and then folding riding your arms go straight, so I am going to have my LC face the camera.

To start you are going to rotate towards me so we've done these before, he pivots step back foot and goes down into a lunge position, and in one little scoop he comes back and now today we're going to add the balance component and if you're doing this fitness at home, remember to step out only the distance you can cover you're going to lunge down and then nice and slowly you come back to balance, at the very start you don't have to pivot very far just only go as far as you can control.

Now you're going into a straight line so once again you're going to make sure ankles, knees, hips and shoulders all stay lined up with one another and that his elbows directly underneath to shoulders he's going to hold it a little bit longer this time and he is going to go down take a break and then come back up.

As a beginner, you're going to hold up three to five seconds and then as you start to do this it and feel more comfortable, you can hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds each rep, so and then at that point you can extend the time. So go ahead and come up. So because you might hold him a little bit longer rather than doing 12 repetitions we'll probably only going to do eight to 10.

So let's push for 10 this time because you know, I know that he can handle it but at home just start with eight.