Exercises for Shapely Legs and Butt

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Hi I'm Wendy Butts, and I'm one of your Sharecare fitness experts, and I'm here today to show you many workouts to get lean legs like Mel. First we're going to start off with the single leg squat, this is a great exercise to really work on your quads and that booty. When you go down though, a couple of things to keep in mind, that knee cap needs to be right over that second and third toe and also want to make sure you fully stand up each and every time and squeeze that cheek.

So, one helpful tip. Do it in front of the mirror the first few times to make sure that knee doesn't cave in or too far out. You are going to do about 10-15 per leg and if you are new to this remember you can tap down with that opposite foot, or hold on to a bar just until you get used to it.

Once you've done each leg we are going to go ahead and talk about walking lunges. A lot of times people complain about lunges hurting their knees and there is a few reasons for that, if you go in and you make about a 90, 90 so I'm going to have Mel just go ahead and drop down for a second.

This knee cup if it's not over the second and third toe it's great for the quad but it doesn't necessarily fully engage that booty. So I'm going to have her slightly lean forward to keep this knee over the second and third toe, which also takes the stress off of that back knee which a lot of times causes the irritation when that's not done correctly.

So I'm going to have her step back and show you a couple of walking lunges for difficulty I'm going to have her add a twist. When you twist you always want to twist towards the side that that leg is coming out on. Once again you are going to do about 10-15 reps per leg. Once you're done with that, we're going to go into the also popular Jumping Jack.

The Jumping Jack is when you do this keep that navel in really tight and also make sure to keep those toes pointing forward. This is an awesome way to get that heart rate back up as well, 10-15 and let's move on. We're going to go into a dead lift. Often times these exercises or these particular exercise can cause some pain in the lower back region that's because people do them incorrectly and they tend to round a lot more on their spine.

So will you demo that, and then bend over, when you see this, this is because a lot of stress back here, so this is a no no. What we're going to do is make sure that Mel keeps her shoulders back, that tummy in tight and she is going to kind of like bend those knees and hedge up the hips.

When she comes up each and every time, she's going to squeeze those cheeks so therefore she should really feel it in the hamstrings which is the back of the leg as well as your glutes. 10-15 reps and then once that's done, we're going to go into an awesome exercise, that's a step up to balance.

If you're new to this, you can start on a very small or short box and also remember when you're coming up you're going to lean forward, just like you did in those lunges making sure that, that kneecap, and second and third toes stay lined up when you come up you're going to really squeeze through the cheek on your balanced leg, and always remember to tap down, if you feel like you're going to lose your balance.

This is great to do as well to really get those quads as well as the glute involved. 10-15 reps per leg, and then last but not least, we're going to show a hamstring curl on the ball. So I'm going to have Mel lay on the ground, I'm going to give her a ball that she is comfortable with, she is going to keep her feet shoulder with the part, she is going to draw in that navel and then she is going to bring her knees in towards her stomach and chest, and then slowly roll back out.

What you want to make sure is when you are doing this, that you are making a straight line here, you are keeping this in tight and that this hips don't move up or down. So, go ahead and just demo a few, kick it back out, this is a great exercise not only for your core but also those hamstrings at the back of those legs.

Alright? Thank you. So, if we put all these exercises together you'll end of having those lean legs that you've always wanted, and for more helpful tips, don't forget to visit us on sharecare.com.