Wendy Batts - Balance

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Hi guys, I just want to take a minute or two just to kind of discuss a little bit about balance training, it's a huge, huge part of training that a lot of people ignore but it's extremely important because we balance every single day. Think about every single step that we take we're always on one leg and then we advance to another.

So it transfers over to things that we do on a daily and consistent basis. So good information in is always going to equal good information out, so we want to take some time to show some different things that you can do to really challenge your balance and as simple as it may seem it's really more difficult than it looks.

So first and foremost we're going to just talk a single leg balance and that's it, and what I want to start with is making sure once again your posture is the proper alignment, your shoulders back, tummy in tight and feet point straight ahead. From there just putting your hands on your hip and then just lifting one foot and making sure that you don't rock the arch of your foot while you're doing this, is extremely important and it's really hard to people, and think about it like a grape, if I put that grape underneath the arch of your foot, if you squish the grape what happens is your knee is going to cave in cause me strained stress to you knee to also your loin at the same time, once again another important reason for balance training.

So basically start standing straight up and look at the other foot, rock it side [INAUDIBLE] position to make it more challenging, just bend down a little bit and try to hold it and can you hold it and think about the arch of your foot at the same time, hold it for anywhere like ten seconds or so, and then relax, and then repeat.

And doing that anywhere for five to ten times in the same leg, and then switching is going to be really, really beneficial for you, and I don't think you'd really keep in mind, if you feel a burning sensation on the arch of your foot, and it's actually a good thing, in waking the smaller muscles that of the arch of your foot] that's going to help you make a proper aligning.

Alight, so these are just little tricks that you can do just to begin with, and when you will feel very comfortable that you can go into something more challenging such as a single leg squat.And all you want to do at that point is the exact same form and position so you're going to lift up the opposite leg, tummy in tight, hands on your hips and then just try to go down, make sure that your knees and toes stay in alignment walk a little bit.

You can use this other foot pushing forward come all the way up really squeeze your tummy and tush at the same time and then repeat so go down nice and slow, make sure that you can control it, pause and then stand up, and then do then do two sets of 10 to 15 per leg will really be a great workout in your quad and in your knee as well as opening your day to day life.