What Is Osteoarthritis?

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What I tell people is that an Osteoarthritis, is the arthritis of the chronologically gifted. Meaning that people have lived long enough to have enough wear and tear, to have pain and amount of stiffness in the joint. Now, one of the big dividing lines, between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, is that osteoarthritis generally has less than 30 minutes of morning sickness.

Rumors say you have an hour or more, so if you a little bit of morning sickness fifteen to twenty minutes you know your stiff going to the going to the rest room after you brush and take your shower you are fine, as probably ask you Osteoarthritis. Also ask your Osteoarthritis you can get swelling but it's usually not red and hot like it is with rheumatoid arthritis because its a varying degree of information.

One way to think about is to think than the number of white blood cells in the joint. So, the white blood cells represents, information. A normal joint would have 200 or less, white blood cells per cubic millimeter. So, just think of 200 grants. Osteoarthritis is between 200 and 2,000.

Now, 2,000 clearly is 10 x 200, so there's some mention there, we call it generally non inflammatory wear and tear type of arthritis, but they are simple measurements now rheumatoid arthritis is another order of magnitude higher, might be 20,000 up to 50,000 white blood cells in a joint.

So, the whole the idea there is treating along the spectrum. And that's why there's an in between, for some patients with Osteoarthritis.