Zumba Workout Hazard: Knee-Joint Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. Zumba is an energizing blend of aerobics, salsa and basic dance moves that has motivated people to exercise when nothing else has. An hour of this workout is estimated to burn 400 to 1000 calories. But Zumba can be tough on your knees. If you have arthritis or joint degeneration, you can make some adjustments without having to give it up altogether.

Talk to your instructor about ways to lessen the impact on your knees. If you're embarrassed about not keeping up with the hot tempo, just slip to the back of the room. You're likely to find other folks there making similar adjustments. You can cool it together. Also, ask your doctor about taking an anti-inflammatory an hour before and perhaps after your class.

Finally, begin doing some exercises like leg lifts and stair step-ups three times a week. These will strengthen the muscles around your knees which helps support and protect those joints so you can keep on zumbaing. For more ways to stay strong, watch all our health smarts, right here.