Try Orthotics to Prevent Foot Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr.Vonda Wright with a smart tip about your athletic shoes. When you're trying to shape-up, or stay in shape, the last thing you need is for your shoes to cause foot problems, but if you don't have properly fitted footwear you can end up with joint and muscle problems from foot to shoulder.

How come? Your stride is unique, like a fingerprint. One solution is to custom fit your athletic shoes with orthotics inserts. Some shoe stores have pressure reading foot fall analyzers that customize the insole of the shoe. An orthopedist, or podiatrist can also create a mold or use a 3D scan of each foot to customize orthotics for you.

These measures reveal if your foot needs more arch support, or if you turn your feet in or out when you stride. Your doctor uses that information to create a perfectly fitted orthotic insert to protect your feet, and your body from injury. So if your feet are bothered when you work out, look into a pair of orthotics, they can make a difference.

I'm Dr. Wright. For more tips just stay in the game, watch all our health smarts videos.