The Right Way to Lift Weights

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright, lifting weights sounds like a simple task but there's definitely a right way and the wrong way to go about it. Lifting more than 85% of your maximum can increase your risk of injury, but lifting less than 60% of your max is ineffective. The right way to start with is the one you have to work to pull but isn't so resistant that it hurts or that you can't complete a set of 10.

You should be able to perform each repetition, lifting the weights through a full range of motion in a slow, controlled manner, taking twice as long to lower the weight as you do to lift. For instance, when you do biceps curls, it if you lift the weight by bending your elbow for two seconds, then you should take four seconds to extend your elbow and lower the weight.

Never jerk the weight up, that can cause injury. Try these steps for a safe, effective, strength training workout. Check out all our smart tips, for more ways to shape up and stay strong.