The Benefits of Working Out

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with some exercise motivation to get you off the couch. You know exercise is good for you but it seems like a lot of work. You're not so sure it will pay off right, wrong. Here are some answers to common workout questions, hopefully they will motivate you to move. Will working out make you so hungry you'll eat more calories than you burn?

Nope, it's actually the opposite research shows that exercise can make you feel fuller eat less and lose more weight. Can exercise actually help prevent cancer and other illnesses? You bet. Staying active reduces your odds of several cancers from colin to pancreatic to prostate. Breast cancer rates are about one third lower in women who exercise regularly.

Does exercise help to avoid anything else, yes. There are a number of conditions you can save yourself from by working out including heart disease, diabetes osteoporosis and obesity. Is it too late to start? Never, the minute you get moving your body starts to benefit, so get out there. For more ways to get health watch all of our smart tips right here.