Stand Properly to Prevent Back Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with some back saving tips you'll thank me for later. Back pain is a common but preventable occurrence. By being mindful of how you move you can take the strain off your back, try these tips. When you're standing distribute your weight evenly between your feet, don't lock your knees, keep your shoulders back and relaxed, keep your head lifted squarely over your center of gravity without slanting forward.

When you're lifting objects be realistic about how much weight you can comfortably lift. Lifting heavy objects with bad technique is one of the top courses of back pain. Break things into smaller loads if you can, don't try to lift heavy objects above waist level. Finally when exercising use equipment only if you want you understand how to use it, ask a trainer to guide you and consider using lighter weights in more repetitions.

These simple tips can save you from pain in the long run. For more ways to live healthy watch all our smart tips right here.