Should You Use Heat or Ice for Pain?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright here with a tip for pain relief. When it comes to ice packs, or heat pads, what should you use to ease your pain? Ice packs can reduce swelling and numb muscle or joint pain, and some folks prefer moisty[sp?] to soothe their injuries, while others use a combination of both heat and ice.

Which is the best home remedy? Here are a few tips. Use ice not heat, in the first 48 hours after an injury, don't place the ice pack directly on the skin, but use a paper towel, or cotton lining between the ice and skin. After the first 48 hours, you can use heat, or alternate heat with cold. If you're not sure what is best for your muscle or joint pain, check with your doctor. For more ways to live pain free, watch all our tips right here.