Reduce Stress to Recover from Surgery Faster

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with some pre-operation advice that can help you stay calm through the surgery and speed through recovery. No matter what kind of surgery you're facing, simple relaxation techniques can boost your body's immune response and help you heal faster. In one study prostate cancer patients who used deep breathing and guided imagery got big benefits.

Their immune systems were more active compared to men who didn't practice relaxation. Surgery is stressful on the mind and body, worry and pre-up anxiety can slow your immune system. Calming your system can counter this effects, to find your zen before surgery, practice this two tricks. First, try deep breathing, inhale slowly through your nose, so that your belly notch your chest expand, pores then exhale slowly, repeat this several times, also try guided imagery.

Use all of your senses to imagine you're in a serine place, like a quite mountain top, or a sandy beach this helps give you a mental vacation. For more ways to zap stress and live healthy, watch all our tips right here.