Keep These Limbs and Joints Strong

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. Did you know that strong hands and knees will benefit you as you age? In one study of elderly people in their 70s and beyond, those with strong knees and a strong grip were more likely to stay out of the hospital. In the study a group of seniors had strong muscles to support their knees, the result was a 70% drop in hospitalization risk.

A firm hand grip reduced hospitalization risks by 50%. The study also found that muscles strength was more important than muscle size, that means you have to worry about toning what you have and being less concerned about bulking up. What's the connection between these joints and muscles and the trip to the emergency room?

Weak muscles and poor balance increase your risk of falls and fracture. These injuries can affect your mobility for weeks and keep you from staying active and social. That's another good reason to keep straight training as you age. For more ways to live healthy watch all our tips right here.