How to Plan Your Exercise Routine

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. Not sure how a weekly exercise routine will fit into your schedule? Try these five simple steps to build your fitness success plan. First think about what works for you what you like what you hate, focus on activities you find both fun and challenging then identify your goal for an individual workout, try to set a distance or time goal if it applies to your work out. Next remember that your muscles and brain love intensity and variety, so mix it up your muscles will get stronger and more efficient if you change up your work out and keep your body gastling as long long as you are tabbing you major muscle groups each week, your muscle will be happy.

Then plan your workout schedule a day, a week or even a month in advance, putting it on the calender will help you solidify your commitment. Finally incorporate flexibility and balance into your every day routine, this will help you avoid injury and enjoy all the benefits of your work out. For more ways to shape up and slim down watch all out smart tips right here