Fartlek: Funny Name, Serious Workout

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It may be a funny name but doing Fartlek runs is a serious workout. I'm Dr. Vonda Wright, but look at the Swedish word that means speed play. This method of increasing your workout intensity alternates running at an easy pace with running at your maximum heart rate. Fartlek allows you to workout without getting tired because as soon as you reach the upper limit of your maximum heart rate you immediately slow down to walk or jog until your heart rate recovers.

For example start with a one mile jog at 60-70% effort. When you reach this point pick up your speed and run faster until your heart rate reaches 85% of your maximum, then immediately slow down again until your heart rate returns to 60-70% then speed up again. Keep alternating slow and fast paced for a set period of time say 20 to 30 minutes, not a runner?

Fartleks are a great way to work out from walking to running. For more smart exercise advice watch all our tips right here.