Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

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Hi, Dr. Wright here with a smart tip to help you slim down. When it comes to losing weight it's tempting to skip breakfast, seems logical put less food in your belly and it will shrink, right? Wrong, new research shows that cutting your morning meal is bad news for your waistline. It actually turns down your calorie burning and turns up your appetite for the rest of the day, so much so that breakfast skippers are twice as likely as breakfast eaters to pack on pounds.

It may be because breakfast skippers are short on energy so they move less and burn fewer calories plus blood levels of ghrelin, a hunger causing hormone shoot up when the belly is empty, and you know what happens then, hunger clouds your judgement and sends you running for a Burrito Grande or monster size cookie later in the day.

So follow your mums advice and always eat breakfast, you'll look better and feel better if you do. For more smart ways to nourish your health, watch and share all our tips right here.