Are You Allergic to Aspirin?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. Are you allergic to Aspirin? You are not alone, about 10% of people are allergic to non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin. The allergy response can be so bad that people have trouble breathing, or in rare cases a fatal reaction. If you have an aspirin allergy, there are other ways to reap aspirin's benefits which include a lower heart attack risk and reduced inflammation.

Try these alternatives, all of which help fight inflammation. Eat DHA Omega-3 fatty acids found primarily in fish such as salmon and halibut. Omega-3's also nourish your heart health. Load up on brightly colored fruits and vegetables to get your doses of lycopene and lutein, you can find lycopene in tomatoes and water melons.

Lutein is in foods such as kales and spinach. Take your vitamin D3, enjoy your coffee. That morning cup of joy wakes you up and fights inflammation. For more ways to fight pain and live healthy watch all our smart tips right here.