4 Myths About Pain

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Hi, I'm Dr. Right. When it comes to chronic pain of migraines, arthritis and back trouble. what you don't know might be hurting you. For starters, do not fall for this pain myths. Number one, pain is always a sign that your body is sort of damaged. Not all pain can be linked to a physical condition or injury.

Sometimes pain develops for no apparent reason but you can manage it. Number two, medication is the only relief. The fact is pain has many enemies. Usually people think their options are the over-the-counter pills or prescription medications, but there are many other options that lessen pain including positive self-talk, visualization, bio feedback and relaxation training.

Number three, if over-the-counter medication works, it's not nothing to worry about. Over-the-counter meds can work at least for a while, but there maybe something behind your pain, like, an infection that requires early intervention. Minor ailments normally heal in about a week. So ask your doctor if your pain lasts longer than that.

Number four pain is a normal sign of aging. Older people are more likely to experience pain, but it's definitely not a symptom of aging. You don't have to grin and bear any aching, soreness, or discomfort. Just talk to your doctor. For more ways to beat pain and live well watch all our smart tips.