4 Fashion Mistakes That Affect Your Health

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. Did you know that your wardrobe choices could be hazardous to your health? Take your soft stretchy pants, sure they're comfortable, but that stretchy waistband can lead to an expanding waistline increasing your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Instead opt for pants that button at the waist.

When they feel snug, you'll know to exercise more and eat less. What about your cozy chic wool sweaters? Wool acts like Velcro for animal fur, dander and other allergens. Your sweater might trigger miserable sneezing fits for you or those around you. Swap them for cotton sweaters then you have your four inch heels and perilous platforms.

They can put you at serious risk for foot pain and tripping, try flats. Finally re-assess your flimsy flirty, swimsuit cover-up. Sure it feels cool and shows off your skin but it offers little to know sun protection. Try something with tightly woven dark cotton or find a cover up with SPS protection built into the fabric.

These fashion swathes can help your health more than you think. For more ways to live better, watch all our smart tips, right here.