3 Surprising Things That Age You

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. When it comes to staying healthy, you know that eating right and exercising plays huge roles, but these lesser known factors count too. How much you complain or don't. Clamming up makes you four times more likely to die earlier than you peers, but if you complain too much, it can cost your spouse.

In one study, guys married to women who come home upset by their work situations were nearly three times more likely to develop heart disease than their peers were. If you can't find a way to change things, make sure you do everything else to keep your health in top shape. Not getting enough vitamin D? This vitamin is good for your bones, your immune system, and heart. It's recommended you get 1, 000 international units of vitamin D3 a day, 1,200 if you're a woman over 60.

Late night googling. The light from the computer screens can be enough to mess with your body's natural time to go to sleep signals. When your sleep is compromised, so is your health and longevity, so turn off that laptop. For more ways to live well and long, watch all our smart tips, right here.