What's the Best Motivation for Losing Weight?

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And you say and you are famous for helping a lot of folks lose weight but you have argued that you're actually disappointed with dieters why is that? I get disappointed when people start focusing on what I think the wrong things focusing on looking good in that black dress for reunion which is really about ego anesthetics it's not really about the big picture when I do with P90X or my new food program it's really about focusing on long term feeling good today.

You can think about 90 days from now but if you eat right today and you exercise today you gonna feel good today and that's really what matter the most I think. Come on Tony as long as folks are losing weight why do you care about the motivation? Well hey look there's nothing wrong with looking good I think that's part of the equation, it's part of the puzzle I mean I'm the first guy to lift up a shirt the drop the dumbbell but do it you guys want to see his belly? Let me see it.

Well I don't know what you're talking about hello anyway, you know what? We're having some fun it's silly but obviously like I said I like looking good but for me I exercise today because it improves the quality of my life today, we're talking about flexibility and range of motion and being less vulnerable and more durable I like getting better I can jump off a cliff on my skies and climb 25 foot ropes I can do things physically at 54 that I couldn't even imagine to do in my teens and 20s and that's really what's it's about, and that's like so many folks do my program because that's what's happening to them it's mental, emotional and physical together it's all of it.

Another fact you don't get hurt doing your program which is one of the items I'm gonna come back to because I think is what makes Tony's approach a little different so he's created a breakthrough plan to reshape your body exclusively for Dr. Oz.