Should I Eat Snacks?

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You know what? I'm a snacker periodically, not all time not everyday, I don't make it a religion, when I feel like having one I have one,I try to avoid them as much as possible, my snacks I eat berries with whip cream, I know I'm a mad man, but I like carrots with guacamole, that's not a snack Tony, yes it is.

It is for me but if you feel like that is too much and too strict then have some chocolate covered on this, once in a while, have a couple of snacks here and there, but make sure that when you're eating those big calorie meals I know I say a lot, the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner, main staples of the day, those foods have to be whole foods that cannot be processed, they can't come from a fast food joint they got to be the real deal, but in between, the smoke calorie snacks, cheat a little eat the dirty snacks that's okay, I still love you.