Should I Do Total-Body Exercises to Help Weight Loss?

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My experience in 30 years says that total body exercises are the ones that work the best for most people in the long term. A lot of times we get anlytical or a trade miller with this spattering [UNKNOWN] or waist only. And if we look at a ten minute trainer we call super stacking and super stacking is just basically doing several things at once.

They're not complicated, it doesn't require a degree in exercise science, but really what it requires is understanding that when you move your arms and your legs and you raise your knees and your ranging motion is pretty good, then you're going to get your heart rate up. You're also going to work your entire body.

So the hope and focus there is that when you do that you're going to succeed and you're going to see results and you're going to lose inches and you're going to feel good and you're going to get healthy. So I would get away from those sport training routines we're just working your legs and then take a break.

It's just two cardio another day and then you do something else. My experience is core exercise, functional fitness, synergistic fitness, exercises where you're using your entire body is much of your entire body a possible even in one exercise. Never mind the routine but even one exercise that's where the magic is and that's where the results come.