How Can Eating Whole Foods Help Me Lose Weight?

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Well you know whole foods, that's the magic, that's really if you're eating whole food, fruits, vegetables, whole grains lean proteins and healthy fats you know the stuff you're a great great grandmother and grand father used to eat before there was all these processed factory foods, the things that comes from boxes and bags and cookies and crackers and chips and they really taste yummy and you're addicted to them and you have to stop eating them, and you have to start figuring out how to make those whole foods taste good so I'm only 90/10 plan.

What that means is that 90% of the time my breakfast, lunch and dinner the high calorie meals are whole foods, you know, eggs and kales and carrots and peas and corn and salmon and chicken and you name it the list is very long. Blueberries and strawberries I can keeps going on.

And so you figure out how to eat those foods as much as possible and then 10% are reward foods, foods that you get to give yourself so you don't feel deprived. If you feel deprived because all you're eating is whole grains and healthy fads then you're going to cheat, the more you'll cheat the worse it will get, the pendulum will swing into the other direction.

Don't let that happen. So, have a small piece of cake, have a chocolate chip cookie, have a lollipop, have some keyline [xx] because it's so yummy but don't eat it all day all the time and get away from the fast foods, and get away from the processed foods, and get away from foods that are made in factories look at your plate if you can what pronounce I know you can pronounce corn dog but can you pronounce what's inside all right, eat the stuff that the great, great, great grandparents ate and you're going to loose weight naturally and you don't have to count a single calorie.