How Can a Friend Help My Fitness Motivation?

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Well you know, a great thing about a friend or a spouse, or somebody at work, if there's somebody else involved in your health and fitness equation, chances are, you'll succeed because you want to be accountable to that person. I work out with somebody almost everyday, only one day a week, when I go for a run on my own but Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, I'm always working out with somebody else, because that way, you're uncountable.

Chances are, may be there is a competition going on there, you have a tendency to push a little bit harder, I bow to the people that get up at four in the morning, and do an hour and a half yoga in the dark, feed their kids and go to work. I don't know who you folks are, but you're super heroes.

Me personally, I need to have friends around, I need to find like-minded people in my life with all the same goal, and that goal is health and fitness for the rest of your life. If you have a friend, a partner, a spouse, a fellow worker, and you do it with them, and you have a little competition, chances are, you're going to succeed.