How Long Will It Take to Recover From a Liver Transplant?

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So liver transplantation surgery and recovery depends on how sick you were prior to transplant. Suppose you are relatively in a stable condition going into liver transplant, the typical days in the hospital is between 7 and 10 days, and their wound healing time is about one month's time.

One month is about a time we take all the staples and stitches, but it's still really not the real time for the recovery. The liver transplant surgery involves immunosuppression medication to suppress your immune system and immunosuppression medication is typically very high for the first three months.

So the first three months you have a risk of complication from immunosuppression medication, infection is the most common one. After the 3 months passes the risk of rejection goes down, the immunosuppression medication level can go down. Then between three and six months are sort of the time for the real recovery that you go back to your normal daily activity.

That's the time that children go back to school and an adult this is the time to go back to work. The most common complications are the infection or the rejection, and this complication typically happen early after transplant. The first three months is the most common, then it goes down over time, but probably up to one year, you still have that risk of relatively high likelihood of complication.But once the one year passes that goes into a more stable time.