How Do Living Donor and Deceased Donor Liver Transplants Compare?

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There's a true big advantage of living donor transplant. One is the control of timing and then the other is the organ quality. When you're waiting for deceased organ, you really don't know when it comes. You're on a waiting list, in the middle of the night most typically you get called into the hospital, you rush into the hospital, and then transplant surgery begins.

But in a living donor it is very different. We pick the date, we schedule a surgery, so the entire family or the patient himself, themselves can prepare for surgery, and also we can pick the optimal timing, the patient not to be too sick and so that's a significant advantage of the living donor transplant.

The second big advantage in doing living donor transplant is the quality of the organ because the organ comes from the live person who we know so we can test the organ which can test a match and if the organ is not a good quality, we don't use it. So the living donor transplant as they're going through all these tests, the organ quality is completely guaranteed.