Exercises to Improve the Power of Your Golf Swing

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Hi, I am Todd Townes, one of your experts fitness professionals on Sharecare and I'd like to offer some fitness tips on improving your golf and tennis swing. I've trained winners on both the PGA tour and professional tennis circuit, and Identified fitness characteristics that are unique to fundamentally sound swings.

First and foremost, power comes from the ground up. You have to have a strong stable lower body to generate provide the necessary force to produce energy up the chain. This stability can be trained in a variety of ways. Here are few examples, squats [BLANK_AUDIO] and lunges. [BLANK_AUDIO] Second, but just as important, you need range and motion.

Flexibility in the hips and shoulders is paramount to align fore rotation and release. Training techniques I recommend would include foam roll and active-isolated stretching. Last but not least, sequencing or the ability to move, stabilize and transfer energy up the chain leads to efficiency.

Mobility and stability are key factors to allow for proper sequencing. Sequencing can be trained with a watchful eye from a skilled professional, for more exercises and tips of performance, please visit me on Sharecare.