What Vitamins and Minerals Should Be in a Multivitamin?

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Which vitamins and minerals to be in a multi, it really depends on you. It depends on what your needs are, you may need non of these if you're eating well, getting sunshine, you're getting your vitamin D, but for a lot of people, they're not getting enough vitamin D, so you may want to get that, anywhere from say 400 to a 1000 IEU, if you're really deficient maybe 2000, you want to be getting B12 if you're over the age of 50, because 30% of the people over that age don't absorb B12 as well due to lower acidity in the stomach.

If you're pregnant or you're going to be getting pregnant, you definitely want to be getting some folic acid, about 600 micro-grams per day is recommended, and from there really depends on your needs, are there plenty of other vitamins A, you want a little bit of not too much, because it can be dangerous.

Some vitamin C can help most people are not deficient to vitamin C. Vitamin E also typically not deficient, and vitamin K may help with your bones again most people probably sufficient, they are either but low amounts of these things [xx] amount of these ingredients are not going to help you or may help you.