What Are the Risks of Taking Too Much Vitamin D?

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There's a lot of excitement about vitamin D and it's very well merited. A lot of good studies showing that if you're deficient in vitamin D, getting that vitamin D can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancers, improve your immune system. So there is plenty positive things about vitamin D.

However, if you already have enough, getting way too much more is not good. There's a certain range is a blood test that can be done. You want your range to be somewhere between 20-40 nano-grams per milliliter of probably the sweet sport there is about 25-35. I've heard of people who are shooting for 40, 50 higher levels.

There's actually evidence now that you're probably hurting yourself if you're going that high. You may be increasing your risks rather than decreasing your risk of heart disease and other conditions. So be smart about it and don't go crazy.