What Are the Health Benefits of Echinacea?

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So, Echinacea can actually help reduce the symptoms and the duration of a cold. Typically, it's taken at the first sign of a cold, not the first symptoms that you have, and you wanna be sure that you're getting about 900 milligrams of Echinacea purpurea, that's the most commonly used type and it's an extract that you want.

There're a lot of Echinacea products out there, that don't even tell you how much is in there. You wanNA run from those products, not take them and there is one form of echinacea that's out there, that actually has a clinical study behind it showing that if you take it thorough out the whole cold season, now this is called the kino force, it actually can help you prevent getting cold in the first place, reducing your risks by about 26%.

When you take echinacea the 900 or so milligrams of echinacea extracts, you usually want to break that up over two or three times during the course of the day.